A Hillbot and a Obamabot have been helping and webhosting TransgenderRights.org, NYAGRA.com, PaulinePark.com and PhilosophyForumLGBT.org for over a decade - RENT FREE!

Since the owner of these websites, Pauline Park, feels Hillbots and Obamabots are annoying individuals and continues to disparage them, NEVER once acknowledge her Hillbot web designer for his YEARS of free web advice & support and finally insulting him by betting him "$10,000 -- really" ....

$10000 insult

If Pauline Park, who has been collecting disability for YEARS and lives in a rent-control NYC apartment, feels she can gamble a non-hypothetical $10,000, Pauline can pay for her own god-damn web hosting!

A lesson to be learned Pauline -
Never insult your webmaster (or anyone) who has been a financial benefactor to you or to your cause by betting them $$$!